Thursday, August 14, 2008

About Us

This is the class website for Dr. Watkins WS270: Violence Against Women class at Oregon State University. Students will be blogging some of their assignments and utilizing the great aspects of the internet to maximize learning and help to educate others who run across this webpage. Look for posts about the role of sexism, gender roles and expectations and other forms of oppression like racism, classism, and heterosexism on domestic violence and sexual assault. For more information, check out our resource sections of links to other blogs, organizations, youtube videos, and books relating to the subject.

This website was created and run by the class TA, Sara Gwin, so if you have any questions, you can email her at:

Comment policy:
We see this website as a platform for fostering discussion between classmates as well as with feminist allies and others in the internet community. However, we ask that the discussion remains respectful and stays focused on critiquing/expanding upon the ideas brought up and not personal attacks of the author(s). Because this is not a personal blog but a class requirement, comments will be moderated before being published so that students have time to learn and deal with handling anti-feminists. Keep things civil and we'll be glad to talk with you!