Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sara's Weekly Violence Against Women Reader

Theresa Braine has a great piece in Women's E-News about the feminization of HIV and the link between violence and rising rates of HIV in women.

Women for Women International, has a Run for Congo Women, started by a woman in Portland, coming up on September 14th.

Malika Saada Saar has an eye-opening piece in the Center for American progress about the link between sexual violence and teen pregnancy. Here is a preview: "Teen pregnancy isn’t simply about girls and boys being promiscuous, or lacking access to sex education or contraception. Too often teen pregnancy is about girls losing agency over their bodies because of the unbearable injuries of being sexually violated."

Wrangler decided to "spice up" their advertising with a little sexualization of violence against women (trigger warning). What's sad is that there has been success with other companies using this kind of disturbing advertising in the past.

N. Bruce Duthu has a piece in the New York Times about the rape epidemic in American indigenous communities. Rape in these communities is 2x higher than the national average and is predominately interracial whereas other rapes are almost exclusively intraracial.

T.H. Lindsey on RH Reality Check blogs about Jackson Katz's Men Against Violence program.

Five Pakistani women were buried alive because they decided to go against their tribe elders and marry who they wanted. Cath Elliott has more.

Rape in the Military has become an epidemic. Even with increased media attention and supposed efforts made by the Military, things only seem to be getting worse.

Rape-apologist journalists certainly know how promote the victim-blaming philosophy that continues to re-victimize survivors.

Rape survivors can get reparations in the UK
, but there are still kinks to be worked out. A recent case cut a woman's pay by 25% because she was drinking. Luckily, she fought it and got her full pay, however, thus far 14 women have had their reparations cut.

With the recent brutal murder of Angie Zapata, a transwoman, Lisa @ Questioning Transphobia blogs about the impact of sexism, transphobia, and issues of masculinity in her murder as well as the silence of the media.