Monday, December 1, 2008

Homework Assignment: Week 9 & 10

I thin Bring A Man To Class day went extremely well. Arnufo, my guest, was extremely interested in the class. He brought up some very good points and discussion topics in our small groups. Unfortunately he had to leave for a class, but when we worked together that night he talked about the class and wanted to know what we talked about after he left. He became more aware of how important it is for men to become more involved in advocating for violence against women and how men need to speak up and work with women to make this a known issue in the world.

For the media assignment, I decided to watch The Lost Boys: The Tribe. I'm not too sure if this would be considered a "slasher" film, but after watching the roughly 45 minutes of it that I did, I think it should definitely be considered one! I actually did not know that it was going to be as horrible as it was, in regards to the content of women and the killings!, but once the movie started and I realized how many more than half clad girls there were and "girl-on-girl" action that was present in just the twenty minutes, I thought I should write about it for this assignment. The women characters in this film spent the majority of it in just their bra and underwear and were consistantly seen as throwing themselves at men and being "drugged" (with the blood of the vampires) and taken advantage of. There was even a scene of a woman who seduced the lead character and when she started getting rough with him, he picked her up and threw her against a wall (she died from the antlers mounted on the wall, weird movie, I know!!). This all happened within the first hour of the film. The movie was so awful, degrading, and hurtful towards women that I could not sit through more than an hour of it and had to stop watching it soon after. I was surprised by the movie, especially since the first Lost Boys was about vampires but it was not as gruesome and hurtful towards women. In this movie the main girl character and the extras were objectified and seen as sex objects and nothing more than a thing to drug and take advantage of.