Monday, December 1, 2008

Week 10 Homework

For this assignment I watch a porno or I technically watched two but I fast forward through a lot of it. I've never really sat down and watched one and to say the least it was disturbing. The first one I watched was called "Horny Beg (yes, they spelled it this way) Butts Move Better" and the other one was called "Tasty Teens #30". The first one just showed several couples and threesomes having sex but there wasn't any story line and every scene ended with a "cum shot" to the woman's face. It was disgusting and the women really acted like they enjoyed that. In the second one, there were story lines but one was really disturbing in which three guys in Italy picked up a hooker then one guy would have sex with her and she would also give a blow job to the second guy and the third guy she would give a hand job to, all at the same time! They took turns with her and in one scene they were trying to have anal sex with her but she obviously never had it before. You could hear her crying in the background while another guy was having sex with her from below. You could also see a producer walk towards her and ask if she was doing ok. It was horrible. It ended with all three guys dick hitting her then coming in her face. I always thought porn was degrading but I feel more educated in talking about it now that I have seen one.  


Patti Watkins, Ph.D. said...

Good explicit description of what you observed in this film. I think a lot of people argue that there is no problem with pornography when they have not actually ever observed any as this assignment tries to get you all to do. People who don't really look at it, don't realize that there are not mutually consensual and respectful sexual scenarios between consenting adults. They are rife with violence, if not physical, humiliation and coercion.