Tuesday, December 2, 2008

homework Wk.10

For this assignment I decided to watch a pornographic film. As I was watching this film it was extremely hard not to notice the different forms of violence that were occurring. There was a lot of slapping, forceful grabbing or squeezing, a lot of profanity in the language. As the film continued there were multiple men involved with the one woman so not only was she taking this slapping, squeezing and hair pulling from one man there were now two. I noticed a lot of the profanity in the language was coming from the woman telling the men to "f" her good. I think a lot of young men who watch pornography get the image and assumes that every woman likes it hard and rough. Because men's strength overpowers that of women's strength men might not think they are pulling or tugging as hard as they really are which in turn can hurt the woman. After watching this pornography it really showed many acts that we consider to be violence against women, and male domination over women.