Monday, December 1, 2008

Week 10 assignment

I decided to go for the most uncomfortable thing to review... pornography. The first thing that I realized about it was how easy it was to find any kind of porn video on the Internet in an instant. There was no age verification, or blocking of any kind. I tried to watch a few of the videos in the archive that I found, but for all of them I found I could not make it more than a few minutes without turning it off. No matter the "category" of video, each video had some sort of violent act committed, and none of the actors or actresses even flinched. There was a lot of ass slapping, chocking, smacking of various body parts, and violent language. All of these acts were done to the women, even if it were another woman doing it. I was shocked by the amount of violence, and the fact that people are aroused by these acts. Especially after taking this class, it has reached a whole new level of disturbing.