Monday, December 1, 2008

HW Week 9

I thought that Bring A Man To Class day went over swimmingly! There were some great discussions, and more importantly - the pizza was delicious!

Seriously though, I was very impressed with our guests, and their interactions with the material during our small and large discussions. Sadly, I think some of our guests, and some of our classmates, still had a bit of an idea that some of the material was "anti-male," or "blaming." But overall, I think most of our guests took a lot out of it.

My primary guest, Mike, is not one to undergo change lightly. He simply doesn't want to think about or wrestle with these ideas. At most, I will see him catch himself when he says "bitch," but mostly for my sake, I think. If I wasn't there... who knows. Mike has a lot of big life issues he's in the middle of right now though, so hopefully this will eventually be incorporated.

This class has been so cool. What a fun event overall! Excellent.