Monday, October 20, 2008

Activism Project

For the activism project Melissa Gonzalez and I plan to hand out purple ribbons in order to increase awareness about domestic violence. The project will involve making ribbons with pins attached and handing then out to students passing through the MU quad. We plan to have the ribbons attached to an informational card so that hopefully even if the students wear the ribbons are asked what they mean then hopefully they can pass along the message. We were also thinking about attaching some type of purple candy as incentive for people to stop, listen to our message, and take a ribbon.


Patti Watkins, Ph.D. said...

Sounds good----and I would include the candy to entice people to pay attention. Would you be approaching men as well? What will you say if men say that's not their issue?? Maybe info tailored toward each gender so men don't blow it off as a woman's issue??