Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homework Week 2





DanielleT said...

I read the local article titled, Oregon Judge Stays Convicted Rapist's Sentence. This took place in Astoria where half the court room applauded and the other half cried when the judge sentenced the convicted rapist to 8 years in prison and a stay of sentence pending on appeal of the case. The first Thing I noticed while reading this article was that no where in the title or even in the first paragraph was there anything mentioned about this was a man who rapped a girl. There was no gender involved until they mentioned the name of the rapist. Since we had talked about this in class while Carrie was giving her powerpoint it made me more aware of this because I thought it to be an interesting point. There was not a lot of information in this article and I found it kind of difficult to interpret. The woman that was involved was mentally disabled, this proves that men prey on women who are vulnerable and weaker because they have a disadvantage. I am glad that he got jail time since this was not the only account of rape that he has against him. There should be no excuses for such actions and people need to understand there are consequences.

Karen L said...

I read the article about the former sheriff who assaulted his wife and her lover in Orange Country. This article was really shocking to me and made it very clear that violent crimes committed by men are targeted at both women and men. In this situation the man took out his anger and outrage on both his wife and the new man in her life. This should concern men and make then realize that violence perpetrated by other men is not just a problem for women, but also themselves as men are often targets as well. Another tragic aspect to this situation is that the perpetrator was a member of law enforcement. Realizing that potentially violent men could be working in any career and could even be those that are trained to help protect us is quite unsettling.