Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homework #5

After reading the about sexual terrorism i realized that i do these kinds of things everyday. I really watch what i wear, making sure that im not looking skimpy. I dont go to parties very often or drink around people i dont know because i dont want to get stuck in a harmful situation. When i do, which i rare because of the fear, run at night i carry my cell phone and or pepper spary. These are things that i do to protect myself and using these protective measure is second nature.

I have never hard of sexual terrorism before so when i first stated reading i was skeptical, thinking that using the words terrorism was a bit too much. After getting further into the material i realized that this is what is going on. Women are forced to live in fear the same way americas are forced into fear after 9/11. So what is the difference? That women are a minority and the US is not?