Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 6 Assignment

I think labeling women’s fears as terrorism is inaccurate only because I imagine that for many people it creates an imaging of bombs, guns, and war torn areas. The word terrorism does not elicit the right reaction form people. I think that if Ashley wants it to call it sexual terrorism then a new, more appropriate definition should be devised. Her explanation does not fit with the dictionary definition for terrorism provided.  I believe that a more accurate definition should concern the terrorist actions being committed.  Sexual terrorism in my opinion should be defined by the unacceptable actions of men (and women) that cause many women to take certain safety precautions. 

           And I do not agree with her when she advises women to stand up against their fears and stop their safety precautions. The second article makes this point as well. I agree with that author when he says that Ashley, the author of the first article, should reevaluate her decision to change her fearful behavior. I know that all my female friends and I take similar precautions and we do so with good reason because simply standing up to these fears does not make then illegitimate. I also do not like walking home in dark, I make sure not to leave my drinks unattended, and check the entire house anytime I come home and find that one of my roommates has left the door unlocked. I carry out these precautions to protect myself and feel more comfortable in my environment.