Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homework Wk6

I have asked three men so far to join me for the "bring a man to class day" and all three have declined. One can't get out of work but the reason the other two gave was that the class is nearly three hours long and they were not comfortable with that. I think this is a valid point. These men are uncomfortable with the idea and what they perceive the environment will be like already so nearly three hours is further intimidating. I wonder if we might shorten this class period and make up the extra time on another day?
Other than that, I have noticed that my sons, ages 18 and 20 have been shocked and surprised by some of the material I shared with them. They both confess that they had not stopped to think that there were no battered women's shelters or that marital rape was not illegal just a short time ago. These things have always existed in their lifetimes. Also, they think that I'm a minority as a feminist because I am "normal" while "other" feminists are the stereotypical big, hairy, overbearing, and rude people. I would like for them, as well as our other guests, to understand the kinds of things feminists have worked for in the past so they can appreciate their contribution to human rights overall and maybe understand a little bit of the very justified anger.