Tuesday, November 11, 2008

HW 7

To the Editor of the Barometer,

I am writing to you as a concerned OSU student, who is disturbed by the way you reported the "alleged" rape last week. The way the article was written was disappointing and angering to me. The most angering part of the first article was that the "alleged" victim was blamed, in the quote from the fraternity president, by saying that she shouldn't have been there in the first place and that she, too, was drunk. Instead of using the articles written about this case to blame the "alleged" victim, use it to educate the OSU population about drinking and violence and how they go hand in hand. Inform readers that drunk sex is NOT consensual, by law. Use your power to inform, not blame and advocate for the dude how ended up in jail and expelled from OSU because he "allegedly" violated a young woman's personal space. INFORM! Don't blame!

Concerned Beaver


sandi said...


I appreciate your point that the Barometer could choose to educate OSU students about the issue of violence against women including rape rather than casting blame.


Didi3885 said...

I agree with you completely, especially when he says she shouldn't have been there since she wasn't on the list. That's the most absurd comment I've heard because if you turn that statement to mean "so the women on the list were asking to be raped and we would've taken responsibility then" sounds ridiculous. Then he would've been disappointed at the media trying to skew things right?!


Elan said...

I completely agree with this statement/comment to the article Jess... well said and I really would have loved to see all of our articles in the Barometer after the real was one written. I think you bring up a very valid point in addressing what really is the problem at hand, which is that we're not informing people, but merely pointing fingers at the wrong people. Great job :)