Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 8; Reading Analysis

I feel that the whole topic on the "Bystander" would be very influential for the men that come to our class. I know that the individual that I have sought out to join our class period, would greatly benefit from such a topic, for I feel that the "Bystander" is what most to all men play a role as, in some part of their lives. I believe that once we address such a topic and bring an awareness to their roles in society, I feel this will build a better connection to men as a contribution to violence against women, and not just a problem that "we" women, have.

The one issue that I really want to talk about during our class period is on pg. 127;under the "He must be Gay"... "Men who challenge other men's sexism are sure to face questions about their heterosexuality"... I feel that this is a really important subject to bring up, in regards to the fact that I have conversation after conversation in regards to protecting against homosexual remarks against others and in the fight to protect individuals who self-identify within the LGBT community on my floor. I see men constantly in the fight for their masculinity and "man-hood" and more importantly this is at the expense of others, which is the true problem.

Another issue that I think would be important to discuss is a man's role in our sexual society. I feel that men play a key role in how society views sex, and sexuality. I feel that taking about the porn industry, prostitution and the general view of women as sex objects, would be a very interesting topic to discuss. "The idea that consumers of porn can masturbate and have orgasms to that kind of treatment of women and not have it affect their attutudes toward the women and girls in their lives is more a fantasy than anything the most creative porn writers can conjure up."(pg. 186; anti-sexist men and the porn wars). I think that bringing to attention, and recognizing that women are degraded within the porn industry and sex as a society, would be very beneficial in the understanding of men and their role in the fight of violence against women.