Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HW Assn: Bring a Man to Class Day

So, I know this is a bit late, and redundant... but I'd like the credit...

My basic idea for Bring a Man to Class Day is that we approach these brave men from a platform that is on their level. Like I've talked about many times, in educating others about this subject, we walk a fine line between our ultimate goals, and our presentation. I'll illustrate what I mean by example: I won't vote for an independent candidate, even if I agree more with their values. I accept that they will not win, and it will take a few (or more) democratic presidencies before I country will be in a position that will accept an independent candidate. We have to take small steps.

And with that, let me say... YAHHHH YAH HIP HIP HOORAY OBAMA!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! SWEETNESS!!!!! *Does Happy Dance*

Ahem. Back to topic. We have to approach our guests in a way that doesn't make them defensive, or shut down mentally. We can't start preaching overly "feministically," though this is what we want. For now, our goal has to be drawing them in, "recruiting, " if you will. This is why I think we should start with Katz - his video approaches men and says, "this is why you should give a darn."

I know this all seems kind of backwards, but we don't want to scare this people away. My other idea was in defining and explaining sexual terrorism, like with that activity Katz does. Men, what do you do, then women... etc. Anyways, we went over all this in class.

PS. I have a few songs I want to add to Sara's list, but since I just saw them this weekend, I suggest everyone listen to Metallica's "The Day That Never Comes."