Sunday, November 16, 2008

“Since domestic violence and sexual violence are largely learned behaviors, it is important to reach boys before they learn to abuse girls. And since these types of violence are so closely linked to men’s believe about what it means to be a man, it is important to provide boys with alternative ideas about manhood to counterbalance all of the hyper masculine postured and misogyny they encounter in their peer cultures and the media.” This impacted me because I feel that abuse is not an innate trait, its not something you are born with but something you learn. Society is at large part responsible for this. I feel that we need to address this to our males so they know where its produced.

“A recent poll conducted by Lifetime Television found that 57% of men age sixteen to twenty-four believed gender violence is an “extremely serious” problem.” "A 2000 poll conducted by the Family Violence Prevention Fund found that one-quarter of men would do more about the issue if they were asked.” I feel we need to address this because men obviously dont know what to do to help us out. Since we have them with us for an hour we can tell them how to help. They will also get the idea of what the statistic are. I hate using stats but everyone can then understand them.