Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 8 Assignment

Chapter 9 p. 149

"They [men] are instead the products of a culture that glorifies and sexualizes female subservience and submission. Rape must be understood not as an aberration in such a cultural environment but as simply the extreme end on a continuum of  behaviors. [...] Most men would rather not think about how they participate in a culture that actively promotes- or at the very least- sexual violence." 
I like this quote because it shows that Jackson Katz is not trying to blame all men for rape, but that society is responsible. Society teaches men that rap is just an average part of our society.

Chapter 6 p. 91
"One consequence of this failure is that there is little discussion in media-or anywhere else-about why so many American men and boys rape, batter, sexually abuse, and sexually harass women and girls. Mainstream commentary about gender violence-and other forms of interpersonal violence-is remarkably degendered." 
I think it is important to take note of how the media degenders issues of violence against women. These article remove the blame and focus from the men involved, especially middle and upper class white males.