Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear Editor,

I did not agree with how you reported the story, "OSU student held on charges of rape". First of all, the title itself is not suggestive of what gender the student is although most assume it is a male. Stating the gender helps people understand that men are the ones that rape women. Stating "OSU student" is gender neutral. You should have stated,"Male OSU student". Secondly, in the article you used a quote that I found offensive. The president of Phi Kappa Psi stated how the woman "shouldn't have been there". I think using this quote sends a clear message to many males and females that women are at fault for getting raped. This implies that it was her fault for getting raped in the first place. Victim blaming is not something a neutral newspaper is suppose to do. 
Also you state and use quotations that the woman was "forcibly raped". Is this implying that you are accusing her of being a willing participant in her rape or that you are just using her words? Also, you use the word "alleged". This implies that she could have been lying or you are thinking that she regretted her one night stand the next day.  I think proper reporting would be seen as more respectable in the future. Many people are affected by rape and the people who seem to support it.


Karen L said...

I think you did a great job including all the issues that we discussed in class. i think it is important to make the writers at the Barometer realize that their writing is gender bias. They need to see that the way they report is contributing to society's stigmas. The way the articles are written is slanted to blame the victim and remove the focus from men and how often events like this one occur!