Monday, November 3, 2008

Making the best of time.

I suppose for bring a man day we should show the tough guy video and the video on the women who rebounded from demestic violence. From my own personal experience watching these videos they would impact some of these gentleman. The documentary that Jackson Katz made I thought hit many levels on why we men think about being a man. The discriptions of the past action movies and the showing how the heros guns kept on getting bigger. The way men are not suppose to show emottion, and that we had to be tough. Then the video displayed what men could be and what they can bring as a new diffinition on being a man.

The second video could show these male visitors the impact of violence toward women. Additionaly the movie can show the strength that these women had and I belive that who ever would see this movie would respect that. I know I did, seeing what some of these women went through and how they overcomed such evil was amazing and inspiring. I believe who ever see this movie would feel the same. As a 28 year male my perspective has changed due to seeing these movies.

Andres Estrada.