Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 8 Assignment

"Finally, many men participate--in peer cultures and as consumers--in what feminists have described as a "rape and battering culture." They laugh at sexist jokes, go out with guys to strip clubs, and consume misogynistic pornography. So even though most men are not perpetrators, they nonetheless contribute to--and derive pleasure from--a sexist culture climate where women are put down and sexually degraded. Thus they have little motivation to examine it critically, and a lot of incentive to look away." pg. 20 This impacted me because it shows that it is not always big, obvious events (such as a man hitting a woman in public) that should get other men's attention to the issue of stopping violence against women. It starts with the little things, and the need for men to become aware of what they say and do with other men and women and how laughing at the joke that degrades women is contributing to this culture our society has.

"Everything that happens to women happens to men, too." pg. 18
This statement impacted me right from the beginning. This quote sums up the book overall and is just powerful without really having to explain. It shows the importance of men knowing that they need to recognize violence against women and how it is not just a "women's issue" but that they are effected too.