Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Homework week 9 & 10

Bring a man to class day: I believe that bring a man to class when very well. I know that personally it was nice to see new faces and hear new thought about the subject. I feel that the audience was very receptive to what was being presented to them, they didnt seem to be on defense either. I did see some individual get bored with the film, one actually fell asleep. I think that for next year you might think about watching a shorter film or doing more interactive things. Am idea might be to have IN HER SHOES to come in and do the walk through for the men, i know we all enjoyed that.

Media assignment: For this assignment i watch a slasher film. I decided on this not because i didnt want to watch porn but because it was movie night anyways. For this i rented House of Wax which featured Paris Hilton. This movie is about a group of young kids who go on a road trip and happen to run into a wax museum. What they dont realize is that the wax figures are actually really people. What i found interesting about this movie is that unlike psycho the killer didnt just target women, and the women were not an object of sex. Yes the women were dressed sexy at the time of the killing but they were not an object of sexual aggression. Although there were men we were targeted they were usually kill in order to get to the women, and their significance was little compared to that of the women.


Patti Watkins, Ph.D. said...

I haven't seen this movie myself, but it sounds like, even though the women were not raped before they were killed, they were presented in sexually provocative cloting (if not positions or situations) before they were murdered. Remember how Jackson Katz talked about sexualized violence---that is, women are depicted in ways that are sexually arousing to male audience members right before they are on the receiving end of male violence---a classical conditioning paradigm from psychology----sexual arousal gets associated with violence.