Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear "Alleged" Editor

Dear Alleged Editor,
First off I'd like to draw your attention to the head-line to my letter, "Dear Alleged Editor", how would you like it, that within some aspect of your life, within your everyday choices/status' and decisions, you were considered "Alleged" a false or presumed to be fake? I would really like you to consider this in the future when writing about such a topic, for as we all do instinctively (as humans) is become weak and more out of control in regards to such a label, and within this case, become much more aware that the survivor is not the victim, but perhaps a liar. Also in stating such facts, I found that the time taken in to consider the status of the perpetrator and the President to Phi Kappa Psi, both receiving notorious note to their status' within the OSU society and the support that is given to the perpetrator, helped push aside the "survivor" who is discredited as a "Non-OSU" student, with no support or backing to her. Invited or not, that is not what the fight is here, sober or not, no one has the right to push sex onto anyone, and even right up until the point of penetration and after, each and every individual has the right to say and control of what is being done to their body.
I appreciate the time given to writing this article, but am willing to share some support for a better understanding of the effects of writing the article (as you have) and the effects of getting and giving the support that the survivor needs, even if the term has to be "alleged"
Careful to words


Patti Watkins, Ph.D. said...

I love your addressing of this letter---powerful way to get the point across!