Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 7

Dear Editor,

After reading your article "OSU student held on charges of rape", I am writing to express my disappointment. By using a gender neutral title and ommitting the fact that it was a "man" who was accused of raping a "woman" you reinforce the societal mandate against actually speaking the truth about the vast majority of rape cases. If we can't talk about it, how can we hope to bring an end to the violence against women?
While I certainly agree that this young man deserves his right be innocent until proven guilty, I also believe that this young woman deserves to be believed. I don't see the two as mutually exclusive. It is possible for us to treat both parties with compassion and respect without casting shadow. I don't feel your article accomplished this for a two reasons:
1) You mention that the young woman was not on the guest list and "shouldn't have been there." Whether it is intended or not, this casts a shadow of blame on the victim. Did she deserve to be raped for crashing a party?!?
2) You mention that the major of the student is "pre-construction engineering management" - a position that typically holds some power and prestige. How is this relevant to whether or not he raped this young woman?!?
Thank you for your consideration of these matters.
Sandi Mickey


Melissa said...

I really liked your letter to the editor. You very straightforward with your points and they are the three main points we talked about in class.

Didi3885 said...

Your points are very concise and I agree with your points especially regarding reporting gender neutral news. I also like how you listed your points one and two that usually draws the readers attention to those key points so it makes them want to read the article.


Jess Lynch said...


You did a great job on pointing out your main facts/complaints. It is important with editorials that you get straight to the point, otherwise the editor might not bother reading your letter.

Great Job! Jessica

Elan said...

If we can't talk about it, how can we hope to bring an end to the violence against women?
Sandi, this is well put and well worded! I completely agree with this statement and the way you address the situation in regards to what needed to be address, and not bouncing around the subject. Thank you for writing such a great response.
You should write to the editor the next time there is anything in the Barometer regarding such a poor display of the awareness of the rights of women.

Thank you again,

channingt said...

I believe I like your letter the best. Very well written. Everyone had pretty much the same content, you delivered on form as well. I especially enjoyed your use of the phrase, "cast a shadow of blame." That's a good analogy, because these things are often not purposeful. With a little care and intent, people may realize that they are "standing in justice's light."