Thursday, November 27, 2008

Week 9; Bring a Man to class day

I really enjoyed having as Erin said, a bunch of new faces and minds within our class and wished that we only had more time to process the topic, and give more insight into a role that men can take within society in regards to the prevention and awareness of violence against women. I know that personally the man that I brought to class really felt impacted by the discussion and the video, claiming that he really never thought about why some men are the way they are. This was a really great way to build an even stronger relationship with this person in regards to what he can do to support the ideas of feminism and support those tough conversations that he has with men on a daily basis, conversations that really go unnoticed at times, but really are the root to a lot of the degradation that women received on a daily basis. We processed after the class for a little while as well, and I believe his understanding of the violence that happens to women, and the ground work (violent video games, the media etc...) that has a great part in the formation of the violence acted towards women, has become in the forefront of his mind. I really appreciate all the men that came to class, and even the women/men who brought them there. It is really difficult on both halves to be as vulnerable to receive such knowledge, as to give. This class is amazing !!!