Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 8 Quotes

My most influential quote is from the chapter Bystanders.

"Because most men see gender violence as an individual problem, they figure all that is required of them is to keep a check on their own behavior." pg.114

I think this rings sooo true to a lot of men and it's important to debunk that myth for our sake and others sake.

My other key quote is to explain to them what a bystander really is.

"... A bystander refers to someone who is not directly involved as a perpetrator or a victim of an act of harassment or violence, but is indirectly involved as a friend or a family member. A bystander can also be a member of a group, team, workplace or any social unit. The aim in focusing on bystanders is to empower them to speak up- and not to be silent and complicit-in the face of abusive behavior." pg. 116

This is key in explaining what your right is as human and that theses actions you take are not only for your benefit but for others too. In addition, there are numerous venues that the person can be a bystander.

Donella Daggett