Monday, October 27, 2008

HW Due Week 5

I can hardly count the number of times I physically shuddered with disgust while reading the article from "The Liberty."

Sexual Terrorism is a very real thing. However, it is hard to define - and through my own learning process I can see how it is hard to accept at first. What bothers me is when people reject, refuse, and insult without taking the time to try and understand. Basically, if you understand patriarchy and sexism, sexual terrorism isn't that far off. Thinking that sexual assault is "just another crime that happens for no real reason," is what bars the way for people to understand this concept.

As a man, it's true - I don't pay any particular attention to the way I dress or where my drink comes from (with regards to safety.) I feel weird when a guy starts walking behind me at night... but that's just because I'm nervous. It hasn't been drilled into my head, if anything, it sets me apart from the norm. But I can't tell you, even if I'm uncomfortable at night, it's not rape that I'm afraid of. I am not, (and cannot be), a victim of sexual terrorism. But the reality of the issue recently hit me personally...

My girlfriend has started mentioning that she want some sort of personal protective device, like a stun gun or pepper spray. Though I'm a pacifist, I'd sure like to have some of that, just in case, on my person while walking through Old Town in Portland late at night. But why haven't I bought any? Why does she feel like she really needs it? She'd probably call it common sense, because she isn't aware of the terminology. I call it sexual terrorism.

Terrorism doesn't necessarily kill people, in order to be called terrorism. Its about random acts. It's the pervasive threat of attack. Anyone who can't see the connection here, well... you're not looking hard enough. Open your mind.