Friday, October 17, 2008

Homework Wk 4 - Activism Project

I attended the domestic violence awareness walk/run in Minto Brown Park in Salem last weekend. It was sponsored by the Marion County Domestic Violence Council to raise funds for the Mid-Valley Women's Crisis service in Salem. The theme was "silence promotes violence". I look forward to sharing more about this experience with all of you in class!


Andres Estrada said...

The Activism project I would like to do would have to do with making a Myspace site that adressed violence against women. And send invites to different people on the web about the effects of violence toward women.

Patti Watkins, Ph.D. said...

Sounds good---I like that the theme was consistent with class, i.e. that silent bystanders just perpetuate the problem---I look forward to hearing more about your experiences too!