Tuesday, October 28, 2008

homework #6

On the blog, post a 1-2 paragraph description of activities you suggest we engage our male guests in on Bring A Man to Class day. What concepts should we present and how? Are there any videos, websites, etc. that we might present to them? How do you think our time that day might best be spent?

What i would like to do with our time on 'bring a man to class day' is to address women in the media and how that leads to society reinforcing violence, or belittling of women. What i propose is that we get in pairs with our man and bring a female magazine. For example cosmo, vanity fair, people, etc. Take this magazine and count the number of adds and protray women is a sexual manor. In groups choose three adds that portray different types of sexuality of violence. Present why you chose these adds and how you feel about them.

Once we are done with the project we could talk about the effects this has on societies view of women, and how it teaches men that its okay to violate women.