Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Activism Project

I had a similar idea to Erin's, distributing flyers in the men's bathrooms around campus and at local popular places like bars or resturants. Using information from the National Domestic Violence Hotline or other related sites, I wanted to design a flyer or sticker to put up that simply states facts about violence against women and that a drunk yes doesn't mean yes. Maybe Erin and I can work together on this!


Patti Watkins, Ph.D. said...

Great minds think alike--you can contact Erin and see if she'd like to collaborate on this--again, I like the idea of spreading the word to men that they can learn more about and participate in the prevention of violence against women--same suggestion as to Erin, check with Carrie Giese to see what materials she might have to aid in such a project. Also, if Erin would prefer to work alone, I think there are enough male spaces around campus that you both can find places to post materials. Also, check on bldg permission to post flyers.