Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 6; Bring a Male to Class day Activities

I think that the topics we should discuss should definitely closely relate to things that men of our generation are experiencing for example: Dating violence and Surviving Domestic Violence (book, stories).I really think it would be very interesting to have Q and A, or get some insight from the men that come into class, where do they think violence against women is portrayed in life, do they believe, or see how much our society is effected by it? I really think that the "Tough Guise" video (clips) would be influential in opening up some minds before we get into great discussion on the topic, but I think a giant brainstorming session on more contemporary forms of the media (icons etc...) would benefit more, due to where we are at as a society. I really think that discussion would be more beneficial for the group of men coming into class, then a bunch of numbers and statistics (I feel that it is important to educate and not embarrass or push the men that have volunteered to come in and hopefully share), but I do feel that we need to get the message across that this issue is not o.k. and that they can help fight against it by being Allies. I feel that we will need to make impact on the men, but in return have a great deal of discussion to talk about why they feel the way they feel (upset, sad or not) and what they could do to take care of themselves and others.