Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sexual Terrorism Response

Wow, it is really amazing how often we as women are pushed into doing even everyday things differently, it really makes for a scary place to live. We constantly are having to watch what we wear, how we act, where we go at certain times, as if we are the ones making the choices when situations arise. I go jogging at night (when I go) due to the fact that I really don't like to be harassed by people in the mornings or during the days. I have been the recipient to many "cat-calls" as men would call them, and they aren't flattering or make me want to run anymore then I already do. I really enjoy running at night because I avoid people, but there is always a fear of running into someone else at night who could harm me as well. I listen to my Ipod while I run, which probably isn't safe either, but I can't run without it. So I hold my keys in my hands and keep pepper spray with me as well. It is like I have to get extra ready before I run just so I can make sure I'm safe. With this idea I have found that push into an environment, which "I" have to make safe, an environment which should already be safe.

I agree with Erin in the fact that I thought that the "terrorism" aspect was a little strong, but now as I look at how many different aspects of my life that I have to alter to be able to keep myself safe, it is in fact correlated. I can only hope that we as women can educate women on ways to be safe, while still fighting the push from society, to just live and be.